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To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee
Honors English Summer Homework
Chapter 1-11 Summaries

Chapter 1 Scout, the main character, starts the story off by thinking back to the summer where her brother, Jem, had broken his arm. She looks back to all the things and events that lead up to this mishap. Scout introduces us to her home Maycomb, Alabama and some of its interesting townsfolk like her father Atticus Finch, Calpurnia, Dill, The Radleys, and other neighbors. Her father, Atticus, works in town as a lawyer and Calpurnia is the Finches African American housekeeper who also looks after Scout and Jem. Dill is from Meridian, Mississippi and visits his aunt every summer, Miss Rachel, who is also the Finches neighbor. The Radleys are
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Coming from the house they rush to see what the commotion was about, having discovered the gunshot had been from Mr. Radley shooting at a Negro, however missed only scaring him. Later one night, Jem chooses to go back to the Radley place to retrieve his pants from the fence even after Scouts objection toward the idea. Jem still returns with his pants in hand having safely reclaim his pants. Chapter 7 A new school year starts and Scout goes into the second grade less than pleased. One day on her walk home from school with Jem, he admits to Scout that the night he had retrieved his pants from the Radleys he found something very odd. His pants had actually been patched, folded, and left on the porch instead of being cut up and left by the fence, it was as if someone has been waiting for him knowing he would return. As days go one Jem and Scout find many valuables inside the tree knothole, at the edge of the Radley’s property. They first find a ball of twin that they keep once no one had claimed it. Then they find both of their images carven into soap, and finally they find a tarnished pocket watch that they show Atticus. Jem and Scout decide to leave a thank you note to whoever is leaving the gifts for them. The next morning, when they go to put the letter in the knothole, they come upon Mr. Arthur Radley discovering her had filled the knothole up with cement. Chapter 8 It is winter in Maycomb and Scout and Jem experience their first ever

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