To Kill a Mockingbird Ch. 12 - 17 Study Questions

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Chapter 12
1. Jem is now 12. There is a widening gap of understanding between Scout and Jem. Find two or three examples which illustrate the emotional distance between them. Before, Jem would always be Scout’s playmate but now he tells her to “stop pestering him” and that she should start “bein’ a girl and acting right”. Jem now likes to be kept alone and feels as if Scout is a lot more childish than he had realized.
2. How do you explain Lula’s antagonism toward Jem and Scout? Lula feels as if the church is for black people only and that the whites should not go and get involved in their activities.
3. Scout finds the church service to be similar to her own except for few differences. Explain what these are. The church does not have
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Atticus discusses the Ku Klux Klan on pg. 149 and concludes by saying that the Klan is gone. Is this statement correct? Explain. This statement is not correct because after doing the pre-reading research, I found out that the KKK still exists.
2. Describe events prior to the scene at the Maycomb jail that show the tension and unrest of the town. Be specific. First Mr. Tate and a group of men came to Atticus’ house to talk to him. Then Atticus went to the jail in the middle of the night to protect Tom Robinson. While he was there, a mob of men including Mr. Walter Cunningham circled around Atticus. Mr. Underwood even had to be inside armed with shotgun.
3. Discuss the irony of the following statement and the situation which it describes on pg. 153. “…there fooled what I later realized was a sickeningly comic aspect of an unfunny situation: the men talked in near-whispers.” The irony in this sentence shows that when Atticus says not to talk because he wants Tom Robinson to sleep in peace, but then the mean continue to whisper.
4. Why does Jem openly defy Atticus and refuse to leave? Jem is worried to death about what will happen to his father with the mob of men.
5. What does Scout’s childish attempt at conversation accomplish? Explain. Scout’s conversation attempt makes the men go away. Because she does this, Mr. Walter Cunningham is reminded of his own child and wonders what will happen if they kill Atticus. They then go away.
6. Why was Atticus so affectionate
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