To Kill a Mockingbird (What Lessons Scout Learns)

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In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird the main character Jean Louise Finch (AKA Scout) learns a lot of lessons. But I think the lesson she learns can be categorized in 3 categories, which are life, people and society.

Scout learns 3 important things about life in the book. One thing she learns is that life is unfair. She experiences this in a court case with her dad defending a black man named Tom Robinson who is accused for raping Mayella Ewell the daughter of Bob Ewell. Mr. Atticus had very good reasons on why Tom should not be accused of rape and everyone in the court including the jury and judge were sure that he would win but at the end of the case the jury decided
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The next lesson Scout learns is about the hierarchy in her society. During the Tom Robinson trial there is a part where Mr. Gilmer asks Tom Robison why he is helping Mayella Ewell. To this Tom Robinson replies, “Yes suh. I felt right sorry for her, she seemed to try more’n the rest of ’em-” (Lee 264). To what Tom had said Mr. Gilmer glanced at the jury surprisingly and said, “You felt sorry for her, you felt sorry for her?” (Lee 264) Scout realized that Mr. Gilmer is surprised because in Maycomb white men were the most powerful, then it is the white women, then the black men and lastly the black women. Since a black man is sorry for white women it not considered right for Tom to do this. So Scout basically learns that there is a hierarchy in her society. Scout learns one more thing about her society, it is about race. She finds a lot of racist behaviour in the people of Maycomb. There is an incident in the book where Scout and Jem are taken to a black church by Calpurnia. When the reach the church Eula May doesn’t let them come in to the church because the children were white. So Scout realizes that not only white people are racist to black people the black people are also racist to white people. So these are the three main facts Scout learns about her society.

In conclusion, throughout the novel Scout learns important things about life, people and society. There were many other things Scout learnt in this book
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