To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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Summary: - As Jem turns 12, he becomes more reclusive to Scout and asks her to start acting like a real girl, which begins to upset Scout - Scout looks forward to seeing Dill that summer but gets a letter from him that he will spend time with his stepdad and family in Meridian - Atticus is forced to travel to state capital every day for two weeks since the state legislature is called into session - Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to the black church(called first purchase because of being bought by freed slaves with their first earnings - Reverend Sykes collects money for Tom Robinsons wife, Helen, who can’t find work since he was accused of rape - Aunt Alexandra comes to Maycomb to add a woman’s touch to the Finches house, she is greeted by gifts and many welcomes - Aunt Alexandra becomes very active socially in Maycomb and becomes essentially part of Maycomb’s social life - Alexandra is very proud of the Finch family’s ancestry, which she talks about quite a bit - When she realizes that Jem and Scout are not as proud as her about being Finches, she forces Atticus to lecture them - Atticus tries to lecture the children the Finch ancestry but fails and makes Scout cry - As Jem and Scout learn little pieces of what Tom Robinson’s trial is about, she asks Atticus what rape is, which leads to the subject of going to Calpurnia’s church - Aunt Alexandra learns about the visit to the black church and forbids them from going; she tries to convince Atticus to let Calpurnia

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