To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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In the book to “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee there is one very important character in the book that is not present, the Mother of Jem and Scout. Their mother died when Jem was six and Scout was two. This is when Cal steps in to mother the children. Later on in the book Aunt Alexandra comes to live with them to help with Scouts becoming of a lady. Atticus their father tries’s his best to guide them in the right direction. Things would definitely be different if the Mother was still alive. Atticus is the one who is affected the most by the death of the mother. If her death had not taken place he would not have become so close to both Jem and Scout. Atticus would go to work, come home, and read. Never having much to do with any of the family. This is just how things were back then. The mother cared for the kids and the father went to work. Without her death Scout and Jem would have grown up with different views then the one Atticus thought them. Cal is the maid of the house, not slave those were already abolished. She was black and therefor her only means of income is through the Finches. Since the mother is dead Cal is the “mother” figure in the house. With their real mother around Cal would not have the relationship she has with the family. Her love for the children would turn bitter, for the fact that she would be cleaning, cooking, and watching the kids while there was a mother around to do it. The bond her and Atticus have would no longer be. It would simply turn
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