To Love, Have Kindness, Be Compassionate, And To Show Patriotism

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To love, have kindness, be compassionate, and to show patriotism are just some of the virtues all humans should strive to emulate in their daily lives. In the field of engineering, these virtues are the building blocks for developing a virtuous career. Engineers must hold themselves to a higher character and evolve their thoughts to adjust to any situation. Engineers will continuously grow their virtues through the acquisition of knowledge in college, and the experiences they will address in careers. In this paper I will first explain the ideas of Aristotle’s theory of virtue ethics, share my thoughts on specific engineering virtues I have obtained while at Texas A&M, explain specific virtues to civil engineering, and conclude with…show more content…
Virtues of thought are intellectual virtues that we gain through experience and time. These virtues help us make knowledgeable decisions. Examples of virtues of thought are practical judgment, explicit reasoning, grasping the nature of things, and knowledge of the skill and making. Over time, virtues of thought and of character work together to shape a well-balanced individual.

There are many disciplines in the field of engineering and each one offers its own challenges and expectations. Distinctive virtues are of need to allow every engineer to flourish in whichever path they choose to pursue. Acquiring these particular virtues begins for most in their college years. For myself the virtue that I am currently attaining the most at my time at Texas A&M is patience. The desire for rapid success and the fear of failure occasionally inhibits us from making educated and thoughtful decisions. According to Steven H. Dam, “An engineer cannot figure out everything at once. It takes time to see the larger picture, to look for all the small details. You have to possess patience to know that it takes time and determination to keep going after hundreds of failed attempts”. Therefore, it is important to understand that as engineers we will fail even outside of the classroom. Having an adequate amount of patience helps engineers turn their mistakes into future success. Over time, this
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