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To my Dear and Loving Husband Romantic language in literature has been used for ages to express authors' feelings for another human being. This language has been developed through out the years to create ways in which different types of romantic emotions can be expressed in writing. From the breath taking romantic novels of today all the way back to the first writers of the Bible and the romantic books of Song of Solomon and Psalms, romantic language has not only been used to express human emotions but also the role of these emotions in the culture of the times. There have been numerous authors who dared to go beyond what their society would have viewed as politically or morally correct. Anne Bradstreet is one of these authors;…show more content…
The title, To my Dear and Loving Husband, clearly signifies that this poem was intended for her husband alone. Bradstreet did not live in a time where woman authors would have been very highly respected for their work; this allowed her the opportunity to create very personal pieces because she believed that they would never be published. If Bradstreet had intended for her poetry to become available for the public she would have been forced to write much differently. Bradstreet understood the implications of writing her true emotions and never would have done so if she had not felt that they would have been kept safe from the scrutiny of her fellow puritans. The fear of being ridiculed, banished or killed would have stopped Bradstreet from ever composing poetry for the public as racy as the poems she created for her family especially her husband. Due to the fact that she believed no one would read this poem besides her husband she was able to write more closely to how she truly felt without fear or trepidation, this is apparent in the fact that this particular poem is much different from many of her other poems. There are many aspects of the poem To my Dear and Loving Husband which set it apart from most of Bradstreet's other poetry. The poem begins with one solid, short and concise sentence, this is far different than most of her poems which begin with a vague idea or a much longer complex statement. This shows a change in writing
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