To My People By Assata Shakur

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In “To My People “by Assata shakur, she’s infuriated that the white men has manipulated and oppressed the black men. She commands the colored men to advocate, assemble, and to fight for their rights, and freedom because the american society and law enforcement is corrupted. She contends that their isn’t any equality and justice for colored people. Also Assata Shakur illustrates that colored people should get their freedom and justice they should to fight for it because the white men corrupts the system to the point where the colored men will remain oppressed. She was a member of the Black Panthers and she was the most wanted person by the FBI and charged with of first degree murder, assault and battery of a police officer, assault with a…show more content…
She’s arguing that even though the white men accuse the black men of being kidnappers that they are equally guilty because they are kidnappers and murders as well.Her overall argument is that there is a good and bad side in every race and that the white men are hypocrites for blaming black people of crimes that they are guilty of as well. Also that the white men and colored men are bias because they contradict themselves due to the fact that they both accuse each other of being kidnappers, murderers, and thieves.
Although Assata Shakur used reputation very well, ultimately she uses appeal more dominantly in convincing her fellow african americans that they should work together to solve the racial inequality in America because they are some possible solutions that they can use that can resolve this racial issues.“Every revolution in history has been accomplished by actions, although words are necessary.we must create shields that protect us and spears that penetrate our enemies”. she implies how the black community should confront, and fight for their rights ,and freedom because she demonstrates that the blackman has been brainwashed by the white and that 's why there still oppressed until today. “Every Time a black freedom fighter is murder or captured, the pig try to create the impression that they have quenched the movement , destroyed our forces ,and put
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