Essay on To Pray or Not to Pray in Schools

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To Pray or Not to Pray in Schools

"The trend of taking God and moral teaching out of schools is a diabolical scheme," declared the Reverend Billy Graham soon after the Engel versus Vitale and
Schempp verdict (Haas 30). The debate over the separation of church and state had been swirling through courtrooms for years. The controversy over school prayer in the Engel versus Vitale case started over a prayer recited in the New York public school system, known as the Regent's Prayer. A group of three parents found the prayer unfair to their children and decided to take their case to court. After hard work and tough battles the case came to the Supreme Court. On June 25, 1962 the court made the decision to ban prayer from public
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Between 1960's and 1990's abortion has increased one thousand percent (2). There is a strong correlation between the expulsion of school prayer and the rise in teen pregnancies and abortions. A study by the National School Safety Center reported school deaths have occurred in all but eleven states (Facts 1). Guns caused seventy-seven percent of all violent deaths in schools (1). Two hundred and thirty-five school-associated violent deaths occurred in the United States over the past eight years (1). One in twelve high school students is threatened or injured with a weapon each year
These numbers are outrageous. School children obviously aren't being taught the difference between right and wrong. As Minister Kerry Hill says, "It seems like every time we have a school shooting or major incident involving a school, the first thing everybody wants to do is hold a prayer vigil. It seems to me that if you believe in the power of prayer post-disaster, you should believe in it pre-disaster," (Reeves 3). Drug use in teenagers has increased over the years. Teens have turned to drugs because of many reasons including lack of strong moral values and religious beliefs (Madigan 1). Jan Cook, a mother of four, believes that "when prayer was taken out of school guns started coming in." More and more teens are getting pressured into taking drugs and without proper values they will continue to use them more

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