To Present Men And Women Alike Have Complications That

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To present men and women alike have complications that they must face when it comes to the workforce. To many work is very imperative in the way in which they feed their families as well as provide the necessary thing to live. While women have been in the workforce for many years as well as males, there is a growing stigma that has not been addressed. The stigma being the unequal treatment of men and women in the workforce. I will examine the varied factors men and women deal with while in the workforce. Gender roles influence self-perception coming from research showing that implied theories about the secureness or flexibility of a given concept strongly shape the types of goals that individuals accept.(Dweck & Leggett, 1988). I will…show more content…
The history of nursing suggests that if the men and women begin to change into the nursing field, it will help with the gendered role.( Diekman & Eagly 2000; Diekman & Goodfriend 2006) The key causes of sex discrimination are fixed in social opinions, secondary causes relay to executive structures, strategies, and practices (Ridgeway and England 2007, 199) What this means is that , the culture for countless years have always made it fundamentally okay to treat women in the manner that they are not as significant or worthy as a man. Women are now standing up and voicing their feelings of being respected. In other words, the discrimination that takes place in the workforce is not only applied to women but men as well. As mentioned earlier the male nurse is an example where males can flourish as well as be discriminated. Male nurses face being discriminated against, by patients as well as some co-workers. Male nurses face patients in which they imagine a woman and not a male which makes the male nurse face some difficulties. The difficulties being that some men have the idea of being taking care of by a pretty nurse and not a muscular male, which does not fit the typical standard. Male nurses also have to deal with being treated different or separated from female nurses. Male nurses also have to deal with education barrier when entering the nursing
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