To Resolve The Insensitivity Complaints Of Key Employees,

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To resolve the insensitivity complaints of key employees, which relate to diversity, particularly gender, ethnicity, and religion, Air Aces hired Tyrone Williams (CEO) after airport clients filed numerous complaints regarding airport employees who lack cultural awareness while interacting with diverse groups of customers. Consequently, this insensitivity affects the hiring process and promotion within the Air Aces. Therefore, the objective of the paper is to develop methods of addressing these sensitive issues. According to Andersen and Taylor (2007), diversity encompasses the variations in issues such as religion, ethnicity, beliefs, family status, sextual orientation, national cultures, region of residence, experiences, education, and…show more content…
Furthermore, he can utilize individualized consideration to build trust and promote collaboration within Air Aces by listening to employees’ concerns regarding diversity issues and together they can develop techniques of addressing those issues that affect hiring and promotion decisions (Northouse, 2016). In addition, Price et al (2002) provide three ways of creating a diverse-friendly and conducive work environment, which include providing diversity training, humanizing encounters, and celebrating diversity. Providing diversity training would deal with stereotypes at individual, managerial, and organizational levels. According to Price et al (2002), humanizing encounters allow the mixing of employees to encourage interaction by assigning group projects, cross training, and provide recreation activities where they can develop relationships (Price et al., 2002). Lastly, Air Aces should celebrate diversity by recognizing and learning its workers’ cultures, stories about their homelands, religion, and providing the favorite dish from their culture (Price et al., 2002). If Air Aces can manage diversity effectively, it will increase innovation, creativity, decision making due to proliferation of thoughts, diverse educational backgrounds, and varied experiences (Chaunda,

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