To Respond Appropriately To The Most Ethically Relevant

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To respond appropriately to the most ethically relevant factors we will discuss the justifiable possible actions to consider. There were many different things we recommend in responding to this case in an ethical fashion. The first recommendation is to see the case out to the supreme court in support of Peggy. Referring to the Davis v. Davis Case () in 2004, we use the structure used for determining the fate of the embryos in that case and apply it to our case. The court created a hierarchical structure for disposition of the embryos. It follows three steps: first, the preferences of the genetic parents are considered; second, a prior agreement; and third, weighing the interests of the parties. Since the preference of the genetic parents…show more content…
In this case, ethically relevant factors are infringed upon, that is, certain factors are treated with less sensitivity than other factors. The infringed upon factors are John’s desire not to have a baby, his genetic claim of ownership over the embryo, the significance of an unwanted potential connection between the parents, and on the previous agreement to render the unused embryos to research. In this case, such infringement is justified. I will explain how certain ethically relevant factors weigh more than others. Based on Ethical Aspects of Cryobiology and What are Family’s For, the significance of Peggy’s desire to have and raise a child outweighs John’s desire not to have the baby. The moral weight of Peggy’s claim also outweighs John’s genetic claim because the potential for life of a baby outweighs the property rights of John. According to de Watcher,” When two people have a joint decision-making authority over a frozen embryo, one person’s objection to…using it for research takes a back seat to life. The desire to instigate the life by one party overrules the consent of one party to end it the possibility through donation to research (). Implantation is justified even with a small contingency because it satisfies Peggy’s wishes. If the implantation does not work, there is not really a loss by either party so both parties should be
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