To Room Nineteen And The Story Of An Hour Comparative Essay

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Subdued women and the necessity of being heard To Room Nineteen and The Story of an Hour are two excellent pieces of literature that reflect the position of women in the entire world. Since the twentieth century subdued women have struggled to have a voice. Not only did they look for equality as regards position in society, but also to be happy without depending on men. Moreover, if you continue reading this essay you are going to find how oppression due to lifestyle affects the main characters of the stories already mentioned as well as how they are dependent on men. Besides, you will notice that escapism from reality is present in both stories. As regards oppression due to lifestyle, we can say that Susan from To Room Nineteen and Louise from The Story of an Hour are clear examples of it. The former character is a woman who feels oppressed by her family and tries to escape from reality. As Susan feels that nobody can understand what she really wants, she immerses into herself to be able to…show more content…
What is more, the two main characters of the stories are subject to their husbands. In To Room Nineteen, for example, Susan gave up her job after having pregnant to be able to be in charge of the house and take care of her future child. For that reason, we can say that she starts to be economically dependent on Matthew, her husband. In addition, we can say that not only is it considered machisim but also a stereotype of families; firstly, it is Susan who has to do the housework while Matthew is working. Secondly, the woman is not thought to be able to get pregnant and have a job at the same time. Similarly, in The Story of an Hour machism is present from beginning to end in the way the main character behaves. Louise was a young girl that did what women should have done according to social standards: make her husband
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