To Smoke or Not to Smoke in Public Essay

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To Smoke or Not To Smoke in Public People have strong feelings concerning smoking in public places. Whether you are in favor of or in opposition to it, smoking in public places is a serious concern that need be addressed. I agree that it is unjust for smokers not to be allowed to smoke where they choose, but it is even more unreasonable for non smokers to be subjected to breathing in the exhaled smoke form someone else(passive smoking). Not to mention second-hand smoke is actually worse for someone than smoking itself. Along with the dangers second-hand smoke presents to the adults, think about what it does not only to your children but other children around you. Smokers may argue that non smokers can just as easily walk away as a smoker…show more content…
Second-hand smoke increases a person’s chances of getting coronary disease by up to thirty percent. Second-hand smoke also raises the chances of lung and other types of cancer. Each year there are approximately 53,000 deaths from lung cancer and respiratory problems and 25,000 of them are from non smokers. Although that is a long term issue, there are more issues that present themselves instantly. Itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing, hives, and excessive phlegm are just a few.
As parents, it is our job to protect our children and that includes the unseen dangers of second-hand smoke. Some of the dangers to children include asthma, lower respiratory illness, middle ear infections, reduced lung growth or sudden infant death syndrome. When children are developing, and are subjected to passive smoking (second-hand smoke), their lung and brain function can be stunted. Middle ear infections can be painful to children and if left untreated can cause permanent damage to their hearing. Even just short exposure of second-hand smoke to children can cause lifelong illnesses for them.
Those earlier mentioned things are just the medical reasons for not allowing smoking in public. Children should not be penalized for the bad decisions of adults. For instance children may not be able to play sports or outdoor activities if smoking in public is not completely banned. A lot of baseball fields, play grounds,
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