To Sparkle or Not to Sparkle

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To Sparkle or Not to Sparkle There are a million movies with different characters out there, but more often than not movie themes, and even characters are repeated. They may have some of the same ideas, and concepts, but are able to keep their individualities. This just happens to be the case with Twilight, and Underworld. These movies are about the classic vampire and werewolves. However, they create their own identity in different ways by: the rules about sunlight, their love interests, interaction with the normal world, use of weapons, what they eat, and of course Michael Sheen. While both movies are about a classic feud between vampires and werewolves, Underworld stayed with our general knowledge about these two sides. We have all…show more content…
Humans to them are beneath their stature, and not worth the time to look at. The only reason Selene interacted with Michael was to figure out why the werewolves were hunting him in the first place. The weapons for these films are also unique. While being appreciative of the vampires in Twilight, they do not have any weapons. The only things they have to fight with are their hands, and their unbelievable strength. In Underworld the weapons are interesting. Both the werewolves and the vampires have unique weapons geared to kill the other. Werewolves have glowing ultraviolet ammunition that burns the vampires like the sun. Vampires have silver nitrate bullets that deliver a lethal dose directly to the bloodstream of a werewolf, and cannot be dug out. The general public knows that vampires drink blood, and in these movies that rule applies. In Underworld the vampires have found a unique way of keeping their supply and demand in check. They bought a blood cloning facility, and can make all the blood they ever need. Twilight took a different approach to their needs, while the bad vampires still kill and drink human blood. The good vampires only drink animal blood. This is compared to a person being only a vegetarian, while it sustains life you are never quite satisfied. One of the funniest things the two movies have in common is one of the actors. He plays polar opposite roles in these films, but in both he has excellent

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