To Start Off With My First Media Artifact Of Media Law

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To start off with my first media artifact of media law I will be addressing whether those that partake in the activity of Catfishing can be prosecuted for their actions. When addressing the laws that pertain to Catfishing those that had their pictures/names used for the act of Catfishing have more power to prosecute that those who have been emotionally hurt from being Catfished. According to Gil Zvulony, an internet lawyer, “In most cases, being lied to is not actionable; in other words you cannot sue for being the victim of a lie (i.e.he lied that he had brown eyes). However, when that lie is made to try and get you to part with your money, then that lie is called fraud and is illegal” (Zvulony). There are still ways for those who…show more content…
By creating this fake profile to purposefully put their roommate they disliked through emotional anguish they found themselves suspended for a year. In this situation the two men deliberately inflicted emotional injury on someone. The next case study involves a man who was in a “romantic relationship with someone for seven years” (Zvulony). In the end this man finds out this woman was not what she said she was. She was married with children. In this scenario it would be hard to prove intended infliction of emotional damage. These two case studies show just how difficult, and complex it can be for someone to prosecute their Catfisher. On the other end of Catfishing those whose profile pictures and names are used to Catfish others may have a greater chance of gaining compensation for the use of identity. “Several states, such as California, Washington and Arizona, have enacted online impersonation laws” (Gerbers Law). Thus, meaning that those who use others identities may be breaking the law. Most social media sites have their ways of catching these fake profiles, but many are missed. Those that do not live in these states where the online impersonation laws are enacted are unable to legally do anything if someone is using their photographs. Overall with Catfishing being a new thing that has come with the technology of social media sites it may
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