To Study the Effect of Different Brands of Mouth Rinse on the Permeability of the Membranes of Beetroot Tissue

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Practical Assessment Planning AIM甜菜根細胞中含有紅色素,這是儲存在細胞液泡和液泡膜,以防止這種洩漏出來的細胞包圍它。 Beetroot cells contain a red pigment, which is stored in the cell vacuole and a vacuole membrane to prevent this leaking out of the cell surrounds it. 最外層的細胞周圍也由膜,這再次可使色素細胞內。 The outer of the cell is also surrounded by a membrane, which again helps contain the pigment inside the cell. 在這個實驗中我的目標是找出關係的漏從甜菜紅色素細胞和表面面積。 In this experiment I aim to find out the relationship between the leakage of red pigment from a beetroot cell and the surface area. 要做到這一點成功,我需要改變表面面積的甜菜根細胞,然後準確地測量,如果沒有多少染料租出。 To do this successfully I will need to alter the surface area of the beetroot cells accurately and then measure if any and how much dye is let out.…show more content…
變數,這將被改變,被稱為自變量。 The variables, which will be altered, are known as independent variables. 變數,這將是衡量,被稱為因變量。 The variables, which will be measure, are known as dependant variables. 在這個實驗中的自變量是表面面積,這將有所改變。 In this experiment the independent variable is the surface area, which will be changed. 因變量是洩漏的染料,這將是衡量找到兩者之間的關係。 The dependant variable is the leakage of dye, which will be measured to find a relationship between the two. 也有其他因素在本實驗中,這將需要進行控制,以防止它成為一個不公平的測試,它們是: - There are also other variables in this experiment, which will need to be controlled to prevent it becoming an unfair test, these are: - 溫度 - 由於這一事實,即膜是由蛋白質,溫度是一個非常重要的因素。 Temperature - Due to the fact that membranes are made of proteins, temperature is a very important factor. 在溫度高於 50 ° C蛋白開始被摧毀,這將增加透氣性,因此雙方的細胞壁和液泡牆。 At temperatures above approximately 50°C proteins begin to get destroyed; this would therefore increase the permeability of both the cell wall and the vacuole wall. 這將使我們無法分辨它是否是改變表面積或溫度造成任何改變染料洩漏。 This would make it impossible for us to distinguish as to whether it was the change in surface area or the temperature that caused any change in dye leakage. 由於這個原因,用水將在室溫(23 °左右),將在同一天進行,讓沒有任何差異保證金。 For this reason the water used will be at room temperature (23° approx) and will be performed on the same day to allow no margin for any discrepancies. 時間 - 時間是一個重要因素。 Time - Time is an important factor. 當離開甜菜根在試管中,必須確保它們在水中整整20分鐘。 When leaving the beetroot in the test tubes it must be ensured

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