To Teach Or Not To Teach Grammar In The Primary School Classroom: That Is The Question

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“To Teach Or Not To Teach Grammar In The Primary School Classroom: That Is The Question” English is the second language in Malaysia, has been included as an official syllabus and taught as early as primary school education. These subjects must be taken by all students from standard one to form five provides students with the English skills to meet the challenges of a career in the future. The level of a student in English subject usually measured by the ability to listen, speaks, read and write. English can be a very dreaded subject in school. According to the experience and observation in secondary school or primary school, English subject is the lack of attention from students. Why did this happen? If you are a student try to ask…show more content…
It gives a different meaning. If you mistakenly write, it will have a significant impact on your writing. There are theories that say, knowledge of grammar is superfluous for a successful communication because children are able to communicate without having any knowledge of grammar. Based on this theory, grammatical knowledge is not required. However, if we as teachers do not emphasize grammar knowledge as part of the English language dominates the whole process of learning, then it makes a difficult learning process. Comparative understanding of grammar has led to different levels and interest in teaching English. Have detailed knowledge of grammar does not mean that students have mastery of speaking and communicating. It's more to dominate part of the subjects that still require practice in terms of written and spoken. Learning and teaching grammar includes not only a way to manipulate the presentation simple language, but also learn that there are rules in the context of grammar. If teachers and students are communicating, they should be able to produce language in a way that is understandable. Grammar can be taught together through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Teaching English as a communication can be implemented by teachers to encourage the use of spoken language should be used in situations where, let the students to practice the language in the activities made in the teacher's control. Communicative

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