Essay on To Text or Not to Text?

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For 80 years now, people have been talking on the telephone. For over 100 years, we have been driving vehicles. However, it was not until recently individuals have tried to combine these two. While most people know the dangers this can cause and has caused, many people in today’s society still have not put the cell phone down before getting behind the wheel. Linda Doyle, a loving mother and an avid helper for the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, became a statistic in the year 2009. Her life abruptly ended in a car accident by a distracted driver. Linda Doyle’s life was cut short, simply because a driver could not put his cell phone down while driving (Hanes 1). Larry Copeland, a writer for USA Today, outlines the National…show more content…
Furthering Car and Driver Magazine’s study, it shows that it only took a legally drunk person four more feet to stop (LeBeau 1). With this said, a person could be at legal limit of .08, yet still be safer on the road than an individual who is texting and driving. Along with this study, Stephanie Hanes, a correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor, reveals nearly the same information as LeBeau in her article “Texting While Driving: The New Drunk Driving.” In this article Hanes disposes Professor Strayer’s test prepared at the University of Utah’s Applied Cognition Laboratory. Strayer’s results showed that most people who claim they can, “‘text, tweet, and talk safely at the wheel’” did not multitask the way they claimed they could (qtd. in Hanes 3). Subsequently Professor Strayer states, “‘For 98 percent of the population, regardless of age, the likelihood of a crash while on a cellphone increases fourfold; the reaction to simulated traffic lights, pedestrians, and vehicles is comparable to that of someone legally intoxicated’” (qtd. in Hanes 3). Strayer also points out, “‘texting while driving is a “perfect storm” of distraction, with cognitive, manual, and visual elements’” (qtd. in Hanes 5). When thinking about how much brain activity involves sending one text message, do not forget to add in how much thinking it takes to drive also. Although a brain is meant to cognitively multitask,
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