To The Many Students That Annually Graduated From An American

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To the many students that annually graduated from an American high school, one can say that it is there the best day of their life. Why? Well, because in the United States obtaining a high school diploma is one step further to reaching the American Dream. The education system in America starting from elementary school to high school, inculcated in the minds of our future generation the importance of college that without college an individual cannot be successful. However, society changes and this ideology is still present. But was has changed is the accessibility to go to college, more and more it is difficult for a student to attend, college without getting into debt. Nevertheless, what is more, outraging is our educators and counselors…show more content…
When asked, "Do you feel that if students attend mostly to a community college will it affect your job performance? ' she bluntly answered "Yes it will! I care about my job but I also care what people around me say about me. If a student attends mostly to community college then everyone will say I am not good at my job." Nevertheless, after intervening the school counselor it was important to know what the students thought as well. The easiest way to know what students really thought about college was by conducting a questionnaire. In the questionnaire that was held, there were two specific questions that were crucial that these students should answer with complete honesty. The questions were "Did your counselor(s) suggest any particular college or university that you should look into applying to and attending? (If so, where and is that where you want to go? And why do you think your counselor(s) want you to attend these/ this particular college/university? The answers were revealing. Roughly, eight percent of the high school seniors responded that their counselor told them they should attend a four-year university. Approximately, six respondents when asked if that university was where they wanted to go they answered

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