To What Extend Did the Local Community Profit from the Fifa World Cup 2014 in Brazil?

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Introduction The FIFA World Cup in Brazil took place from the 12th of June to the 13th of July 2014. Attracting approximately one million foreign tourists in just one month (Loretta, 2014) it was without a doubt the major global sporting event of the year. Discussions about holding such an event in yet another developing country where controversial from the start and with regard to the 2016 Olympic Games also held in Brazil, they still are. In this essay I want to evaluate to what extent Brazil as a tourism destination benefitted from the World Cup – or not – and how this affects the destination in the long term. Therefore, I firstly provide three positive impacts on Brazil, of economic, social and environmental nature. This is followed…show more content…
This can be in a positive way e.g. gaining of the knowledge but also in a negative way, such as staged authenticity. Furthermore, they can have positive and negative environmental impacts, namely an improvement of infrastructure or littering. Lastly, there can be economical impacts (Page & Connell, 2009). Although these can prove negative in the long term, most economical impacts are positive because the tourists come and spend money at a destination. If we take a look at the perspective of Brazilian tourism with regard to events such as the World Cup 2014, we can conclude that a lot of its success depends on the Olympic Games of 2016. Ainsworth-Wells (2013) describes the preparation of Rio for the Olympic Games as rather positive: “If I could draw a graph depicting Rio de Janeiro’s trajectory and status against these factors as it prepares to host the 2016 Olympics it would currently be somewhere in the middle, but heading in one direction – upwards” (Ainswort-Wells, 2013). Positive developments, such as the fact that the accommodation sector is largely dominated by Brazilian companies or the renovation of port areas through public-private partnerships, can be recognized. Yet one of the biggest concerns is the traffic. As there will not be enough time anymore to work on the underground metro system, the city of Rio aims at revolutionizing the bus system. Taking into account the fact that during the World Cup 2014 the vast majority perceived their visit

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