To What Extend Is Operations Management a Strategic Activity? Be Sure to Give Examples and Views of Literature.

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TO WHAT EXTEND IS OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT A STRATEGIC ACTIVITY? Be sure to give examples and views of literature. Paton, Clegg, Hsuan and Pilkington, (2011), defined Operation management as the activity of managing the resources of the organization that deliver goods and services. The activity is mainly to implement system and processes that are repeatable, consistent and reliable. Process design was first introduce by Frederick Taylor, who believe in rationalism and who wrote rules and procedures for unskilled workers to follow so as to replace uncertainty with predictability. All operations have similarities; they all transform input resources into output products, and however they differ in their characteristics which are; the volume of…show more content…
ISO 9000 certification is one of the most widespread recognize and awarded quality certification in the world. To be certified ISO 9000 a company must show that they have a quality system and procedures that are being followed. Having such a quality certification give the company advertising benefits and their purchaser save money and time as there is no need to quality tests them. For example Hotel chain Ritz- Carlton it was more meaningful for them to have a perfect individual service, proving such by obtaining the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award than the quality of food they offer. However quality is not achieved for a life time, it has to be maintain and is not only the responsibility of the managers but of the whole company. Therefore Empowerment is crucial. Empowerment is the giving of more power, leading to more autonomy. Everybody in the company need to be empowered to know, describe, measure, improve the process and make it reliable. Salegna and Fazel (2000) identified the lack of real employee empowerment as being an obstacle to TQM systems. Processes are own by the worker, who is working by following these processes, not knowing them and understand them it would be difficult for them to deliver quality. The Japanese companies, from which the TQM system was made, has turn out to be successful as their companies are build with a culture of quality. Approximately 40 years back products from

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