To What Extent Are Employers Looking for Communication Skills in University Graduates?

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This essay will discuss and detail what potential employers look for in graduates when they leave their respect universities and to what extent are communication skills important to them. In order to completely understand the question key terms need to be explained. Communication is usually described as the exchange of information from one person to another through written or spoken words, symbols and or actions to reach a common understanding (Boddy, 2008). The term graduate relates to a person would has completed and passed a course of study e.g. been awarded a degree in sociology. Graduates study in a learning institute to work towards the aim of a successful completion in order to be more desirable to potential employers.
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"Employers stressed the need to understand the important role of e-mail as a professional business communication channel. One employer stated, "The ability to communicate by e-mail clearly and concisely is essential." Several employers criticized their recent hires ' e-mail writing styles and urged eliminating slang and "the kid stuff from e-mail messages, specifically referring to the "smiley face" emoticons (Stevens, B, 2005).
Another importance of communication is in its relation to productivity, reduced absenteeism, higher quality services and products, fewer strikes and reduced costs. For example, a company called General Electric paid extra emphasis in how they would develop their employee productivity. They would in meetings, discuss ways of how they could do their job better and how much they were expected to improve. This opened up a clear communication channel and certain issues were better dealt with whenever they were to tackle a small problem at once e.g. absenteeism, turnover etc. This meant that feedback was instant and everyone in those meetings understood were they stood and if they were required to take action by effective communication (Gildea, J, 1980).
Although effective communication is a positive trait in a graduate, many more ways to communicate online through social media have opened the door for conflict. On one hand social media communication potentially encourages participation, dialogue, and
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