To What Extent Are Ethical Theories Helpful When Considering Ethical Business Practice?

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To what extent are ethical theories helpful when considering ethical business practice?

Generally, the term business ethics consists of ensuring businesses, whether they are in the private or in the public sector, adhere to ethical guidelines. Not all businesses are the same although have similar objectives which result in business ethics being diverse. These ethics do not only just relate to how businesses relate to the world, but moreover with the relationship between them and their customers. In order for a business to become a good business, they must be ethical, however there are several aspects to consider. There are many global businesses in which ethics are not seen to be important as their main goal is to ensure profit is
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Worshipping god is reverent to those who believe in God, and therefore understand the importance of sanctity of life. With concerns to preservation of life natural law would not work for or invest in businesses that benefitted from experiments on embryos and so forth.
Also when it comes to Natural Law the secondary precepts can also help when considering ethical business. The secondary precepts requires rationality and reasoning in order to apply it to certain situations. It provides absolute, deontological secondary precepts against all forms if exploitation and human rights abuse.
Natural Law can be very helpful on the whole with considering ethical business but it respects human dignity through the primary precepts that are set. Also it always looks at the common good without sacrificing the rights of the individual. It can also be seen as no sexist because it allows men and women to be seen equally for example it would not be allowed women to be paid less.
But it can also not be helpful as it is rather vague and doesn't really help business leaders to make decisions. Also it may not always protect the environment as it sees humans as more important opposed to animals. It can be argued to be too deontological and rigid because of the precepts worshiping god, not all people are religious believers which makes it harder for people who may not exactly have the belief in God.

The biblical approach to business ethics can also be deemed to be helpful. In the

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