To What Extent Can People Distinguish Between Their Own Race Or Ethnicity

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To determine to what extent people can distinguish between their own race or ethnicity compared to those of other races or ethnicities you have understand the disorder called prosopagnosia. Prosopagnosia makes it difficult or even impossible for people to distinguish between human faces. For example if an American man was asked to identify a certain Asian man by his face it would he harder for the American to identify the Asian man rather than if he had to identify his own race. Throughout many studies again and again it has come to conclusion that it is harder for people to identify between different races or ethnicities but it is easier for people to identify their own race or ethnicity. The disorder also is known as the "cross race effect."

The first research on the cross race effect was published in 1914. The research said that people tend to see people of other races to all look alike. The research continued to say that people of same race can more easily
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The studies conducted by Northwestern say that brain activity increases in the first 200 milliseconds when we first interact with a person from our same race or from a different race. The studies say that there is a time right after a person meets another of the same race or a different race that determines whether the face is remembered or even forgotten. The point where the brain begins to remember or forget the memory is almost immediately after a person first sees the face. People also remember people by their attributes for example, you might see that a face reminds you of someone you know. You may see that the persons expression appears kind or afraid, or it looks like the face of a famous athlete or a singer. Being able to identify people's attributes increases the likelihood that a face will be
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