To What Extent Did Adolf Hitler's Use Of Propaganda

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Adolf Hitler
• Hitler provokes the World War II by invading Poland in 1939 on the purpose of seeking living space for German people.
• Hitler grabs the highest authority of Germany by democratic election.
• Hitler is good at public speaking. And there are lot of his followers in Germany during the World War II.
• Hitler runs the country machine by absolute obedience of all subordinates to their superiors.
• A few days before their suicide, Hitler married his lover, Eva.
 Schindler is the only Nazi member buried in Jerusalem on Mount Zion.
 Schindler’s initial purpose of hiring Jews in his factory is saving money. But at last, he sacrifices all of his possessions to save about 1200 Jewish workers.
 The life of Schindler during post-war is not successful. He is supported by the Jews he once saved.
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 Schindler is named Righteous Among the Nations, awarded by the State of Israel in 1963.
Nazi Propaganda
 The pervasive usage of the word “propaganda” in Nazi Germany causes its negative connotations today.
 Hitler comprehensively acknowledges the functions and methods of a powerful propaganda.
 One of the propaganda ministries of Nazi German is to establish enemy images of Jews and homosexuals in the public mind.
 The use of radio propaganda helps Nazis consolidate power and enroll more party members.
 In Nazi German propaganda, the Jews are blamed for lazy and good-for-nothing. They rob the German people of their hard work while themselves avoiding physical

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