To What Extent Did Nazi Germany Establish a Totalitarian State in the Years 1933 and 1939?

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Joe Bokeyar Year 12 – Modern History Research Essay
To what extent did the Nazis succeed in establishing a totalitarian state in Germany in the years between 1933 and 1939?

The Nazis succeeded to a great degree in establishing a totalitarian state in Germany in the years between 1933 and 1939.

A Totalitarian state is defined as a government that subordinates the individual to the state and strictly controls all aspects of life by coercive measures. A Totalitarian state aims to establish complete:
- political
- and cultural control over their people.

Fascism is a type of right-wing totalitarianism which places importance on the subordination of individuals to advance the interests of the state. It is important for
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The army along with the SS were now loyal to Hitler. On August 2nd 1934 Hindenburg died. This then gave Hitler the opportunity, which he took, to declare himself Fuhrer. The role of the Fuhrer was President, Chancellor and Commander in Chief all in one. All soldiers took an oath of allegiance to him personally. A plebiscite approved of this with 88.93% of the vote. The Weimar Republic was over and the Third Reich about to begin.
All media was controlled by the Nazis. Newspapers, radio stations, films obeyed and said what the Nazis told them to. A number of rallies were put on to emphasise just how strong Nazi Germany was. Goebbels was in charge of this and was also very successful. He was able to persuade people into believing that Hitler and the Nazis were right. All Nazi view points on everything were always emphasized. Groups opposing the Nazis such as socialist, communists, liberals, democrats, Jews and other group were targeted by the Nazis. All books were censored, over 2500 authors banned and many books burnt on the streets. Propaganda manipulated Hitler’s image very carefully so that he would be portrayed as a kind, hardworking man with simple tasks.
The SS and Gestapo (secret police) acting under the orders of Himmler, made terror a regular occurrence and a matter of state policy. Any sort of opponents were beaten and regularly thrown
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