To What Extent Did Support for the Nazi Party Change Between the Years of 1923-33?

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Joshua Painter 27/11/13 Nazi Support ‘To what extent did support for the Nazi party change between the years of 1923-33?’ Between the years of 1923 to 1933 support for the Nazi Party grew 37% from 7% share of the votes in 1924 to a much larger 44% in the elections of 1933. The success that the Nazi Party gained over these years was due to many changes and promises that Hitler and the Nazi Party made to the public. As the Nazi party had done so poorly in the 1924 elections, gaining just a 5% share of the votes, Hitler knew that he would have to make some drastic changes in order to gain…show more content…
Communists would frequently attend these speeches and they often ended up in violence and disorder. Hitler used this to his and the Nazi Parties advantage by using the SA to restore law and order which made the Weimar police look powerless. He would then accuse the Weimar government of lacking leadership and power and promised people that if he was in charge he would be able to restore German law and order. This helped him gain extensive support. The SA would also march through the streets in hundreds or thousands in full uniform. This gave the German people a sense of power which tipped them towards voting for the Nazi Party. Hitler also used the SA to scare any opposing political parties away. He would send the SA to shadow their steps and stand around the leaders always in sight. This gave the opposition a clear message that the Nazi’s knew what they were doing at all times and stopped any bad mouthing of the Nazi Party. This helped the Nazi Party gain much support as there were no other parties speaking badly of the Nazi Party which made people believe that they were a good party. The Wall Street Crash was another important reason or the Nazi Party gaining support in the years 1923-33. The Wall Street Crash happened in 1929 and left Germany’s economy crippled. As Germany was dependant on loans from America, when America stopped giving these loans to Germany the

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