To What Extent Did The Media Affect The Election Of 1948?

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Historical Investigation

PART A: Plan of Investigation
To what extent did the media affect the election of 1948? The scope of this investigation will include the months preceding the election of 1948. The investigation will look into the different ways the media affected the outcome of the election, how recent actions of the president Truman affected it, and any other possible influences on the election. This investigation will mainly use interviews and newspapers to get a better look at how people actually there felt about the election. This investigation will take a thematic structure in order to better outline what caused each separate sway. These two interviews were chosen to be evaluated due to the the interviewees and the
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truman in May 1948 to recognize the new state of Israel in 1950 there were 1426 daily newspapers, with the daily circulation of 54,000,000, 41,000,000 households w. radio, 1,000,000 with television.
In 1935, in order to get newspapers to subscribe to his weekly polls, Gallup promised he would predict the winner of the 1936 presidential election. analysts attributed the polls ' failure largely to completing their surveys too early, thus missing a late swing in voter sentiment in favor of the President. In his final radio speech before the election, he promised to work for peace and a government that would help all people.

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