To What Extent Did the Nazis Achieve the Aims of Their Social Policies?

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From 1933 to 1939 Hitler aimed to achieve a "social revolution" in Germany. He aimed to achieve such social policies within the Youth and Women but particularly through his concept of volksgemeinschaft, meaning 'people's community,' he hoped to transform Germany into a strong country based on traditional peasant values." David Schoenbaum has argued that Hitler's "social revolution" was a fake, and perceived as being real, due to the influence of Hitler's propaganda. Hitler effectively aimed to unify the people into a united classless racial community and introduce a degree of loyalty to Hitler and the Nazi Party. In addition to this, Hitler, through domestic social policy and propaganda, aimed to change the role of women in society such…show more content…
Many of the ways the Nazis enforced the Volksgemeinschaft was effective, because citizens were reporting suspicious behavior and enemies of the state were being purged from civil service positions. The implementation of Volksgemeinschaft was largely effective, but also had unintended consequences and backlash that proved it also party ineffective, whether it was suspicion reports getting out of control or youths rebelling against the Hitler Youth in order to seek a more open culture. Hitler had initiated changes that insisted women should return to their traditional roles as homemakers and provide healthy offspring to the Nazi state. Childbearing was encouraged in Germany, however this was only acceptable to the Aryans not the Jews. Hitler implemented policies such as financial incentive marriage loans and special medals were given to women who gave birth to large families. He also made divorce difficult, abortion and contraception illegal in order to achieve his objective effectively. Also, women‚ organizations were created to indoctrinate women with Nazi ideas such as, The German Women‚ Enterprise. These programs promoted cookery classes, marriage, motherhood and nationhood. The women organizations have had a major effect on Nazi women as it portrayed that Hitler made effective changes in order to develop women to be the mothers of a future, healthy generation. Hitler disliked clever, educated
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