To What Extent Do Aliens Exist

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‘’Extraterrestrial things called “Aliens” don't exist. All that you have heard about aliens are fictitious because they're a fantasy. There is no credible pictures and evidence that proves they live. Many concluded that aliens don’t live, but society believes they exist. A bounteous amount of citizens believe that Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico is where aliens crashed. All the witness reports and explanations of the incident were made into three theories that happened that night. The first theory was that real life aliens crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. The second theory was that the Soviets did horrific experiments on prisoners or children and transformed them to alien look alikes. The third theory is a weather balloon crashed but many believe the air force hid the real crash and covered it up to look like a weather balloon crashed their. This was the first time an alien carcass was discovered. The carcass appeared to look like a deformed human according to many witnesses. There was a website called Telegraph that author Annie Jacobsen a writer and journalist asked abounding witnesses. One of the witnesses, a retired engineer (which they did not reveal his name) that was…show more content…
Their isn’t many abductions, but there has been people who came forward and said they did, but the problem is when they came forward how come nobody was there to protect them. This is probably foul play to get people’s attention and if they contacted the authorities nothing would happen because all the abductions they claimed didn’t happen. Many witnesses claim they have seen UFOs, but they never take of a picture of it so it's hard to believe they exist. All these implants,abductions and witnesses don’t have credible information and proof to back them up. The rare pictures they take are really blurry so it's hard to say that they are
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