To What Extent Do You Think Dell Company Is Marketing Oriented?

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Dell Computers Company: story of the company, and its quick success. Dell Industry: Dell market environment, revenues sales, competitors. How buyer behavior is influencing Dell: Is customer opinion listen by Dell? Market segmentation of Dell: Does Dell divide their customers according to their needs? Market Mix of Dell: the four P, pro Dell Computer Company Dell Computer is one of the world’s leading electronics makers. It was established in 1984 by Michael Dell. Mr. Dell began his own business at age 18, when he was a freshman at the University of Texas. Operating out of the campus, Michael Dell would buy surplus of computers from retailers, add feature them customers request or need and sell them by phone, mail or…show more content…
In the fall of 2007, Dell announced partnerships with major computer retailers, including Wall-Mart, Best Buy and Officeworks. These partnership ended Dell’s historical reliance on the direct-to-consumer channel and allowed the company to access the mass merchandise distribution channel, which is an enormous potential business opportunity for the company. Dell continued it’s direct to customer marketing initiatives but also sought to promote its new partnerships in television and print advertising, often in conjunction with its retail partners. In doing so, Dell has begun to complete more heavily on price, as retailers such Wal-Mart are known as low-price shopping destinations for all types of goods. Recently, Dell’s marketing efforts have been less focused on product features and customizability and more focused on low price as the defining feature of Dell consumers. Dell Computer competes in the global computer market. Originally a direct supplier of customized PCs, Dell now competes directly against the world’s leading computer manufacturers. Organizations and individuals today function in a rapidly changing, highly competitive, information-rich and increasingly globalised environment. There is a distinct need for them to be able to deal with the complexities and demands of this environment. Computer assists organizations and individuals to become more efficient and productive. They do this by providing them with the

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