To What Extent Has the Roberts Court Witnessed a Revival of Conservative Activism?

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To what extent has the Roberts Court witnessed a revival of conservative activism? Judicial Activism: An approach to the law where the judiciary feel less constrained by precedents and interpret the law with the aim of pursuing social change. Evidence would be if the court overturned past decisions, legislation or executive actions in order to promote conservative or liberal objectives. | In the 1950s the Warren Court were seen to follow a liberal agenda and be judicially active. With a liberal and activist majority on the court the Warren Court expanded civil rights, civil liberties, judicial power, and the federal power in dramatic ways. Warren Court Cases | 1954 Brown vs the Board | Based on 14th Amendment- ended segregation…show more content…
There has been a big increase in the number of unanimous decisions i.e. 9-0, and the liberals and conservative has been unted in upholding first amendment rights-(Riley vs California 9-0 that police require warrants to saech cell phones) (Mcullen vs Coakley 9-0 buffer zone around abortion clinics are unconstitutional) but on the more contentious cases the 5-4 split showed a political divide Kennedy was appointed as a conservative but has become the key ‘swing’ justice- in Hall vs Florida he sided with the liberals in rejecting Florida’s strict IQ cut-off to decide if mentally disabled people could be executed. Conclusion: The Supreme court are divided politically and the court is more conservative than in the Warren/Burger era, ( since 1969 when Nixon became president there have been 16 appointments to the court 12 by Republican Presidents and 4 by Democrat Presidents),but while the court has developed a conservative view on election contributions and guns the main precedents of the Warren/ Burger era remain intact because being conservative is not the same as being a judicial

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