To What Extent Have Socialists Disagreed About the Means of Achieving Socialism?

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To what extent have socialists disagreed about the means of achieving socialism? Socialism along with many other ideologies has a vast number of different strands and with a couple of different roads to achieving what is fundamentally socialism. Socialism being the ideology that utilises collectivisation to bring people together and to unite people by their common humanity. The two most obvious roads of socialism would be that of revolutionary socialism and also that of evolutionary socialism. This are taken on by two different types of socialists, revisionist socialists and fundamentalist socialists. Revolutionary socialism is the belief that capitalism can only be overthrown by revolution against the current political system. To them…show more content…
This is not doable without violence as the bourgeoisie are unlikely to give up power easily. On the other hand the evolutionary road think that the road to socialism is peaceful and will happen naturally without any sort of violent trigger. To sum socialists think that socialism inevitable no matter what road they support, where they differ is how socialism is achieved and the levels of violence required. Both roads are also in agreement with how much need there is for working class consciousness. Socialism in general is very concerned with narrowing the gap between the ruling class and the proletariat. Marxist thinkers, who are very closely linked to revolutionary and revisionist thinkers, believe that the working class are exploited and there is a very clear gap between labour and the capitalists who take advantage of the working class. This links back to the need to revolution as revolutionists believe that this gap will become so large that revolution is the only feasible option. Evolutionists or social democrats define class by income and status differences. Nowadays the link between class and socialists politics had definitely weakened as the gap has become narrower. Furthermore the standards of living and wages have risen significantly and as a result the idea of revolution is far less appealing for socialists than it was before. They also agree on the fact that the working class is a huge political force and it is

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