To What Extent Is The Chiropractic Profession A Necessity, And How Does It Differ From Personal And Public Influence?

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My research question is: to what extent is the Chiropractic Profession a necessity, and how does it differ from personal and public influence? A chiropractor is defined as a health care field that deals with mainly neuromuscular issues that lock nerve function and communication between the body and brain. The proper nerve alignment allows the body to function without added stress. If the nerves are being pinched but unaligned bones, the brain cannot function with the body properly. The pinching of the nerves results in a lack of effectiveness, soreness, and added stress to the muscles. The profession helps a wide range of people in many different ways throughout the United State, Australia, and Great Britain.
Overall use of
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Palmer also claims that he was the first to try the short leverage adjustment points on patients for more intense and specific spinal cord adjustments.

The Benefits of the Chiropractic profession:
Many people have asked the question, to what extent are Chiropractors needed and what are the benefits of the profession? Additionally, some of the immediate benefits include, feeling better when you leave the office, the body’s “sigh” of relief after functioning improperly for so long, and relief of friction on the muscles, nerves, ligaments, and bones. The long term goals include a wider range of movement, healthier life style due to a well maintained body, regaining movement, and the possible cancelation of surgery. Additionally, the misaligned vertebrae can produce an unhealthy amount of stress on the spinal column making other parts of the body hurt and daily activities a chore. For example, many people suffer from Sciatica, or the disease that causes pain to come down the sciatic nerve of a patient’s lower back, buttocks, hips, and legs. As severe symptoms as numbness, inflammation, and pain, have been reported by people affected. Most commonly, this pain is caused by a herniated disk or a bone spur on the spine of the nerve. By getting regular adjustments by a Chiropractor, the tension and alignment of bones and discs can relieve the pressure and as a result, the pain of Sciatica. Similarly, the disease Cauda Equina Syndrome affects the Cauda Enquina, the bundle

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