To What Extent Is The Political Economy?

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What is the meaning and significance of political economy? What is central to and included in political economic analysis and how is this important for understanding issues and problems concerning Canada? What is the political economy? The political economy defines as regulation of social and natural resources. What we have studied about the political economy, which has nothing to do with present political parties but rather Canadian political economy. In the beginning of chapter, Banting, Hoberg, and Simon (1997), discussed about potential serious of crises within Canadian society. However, it rises a question what is the source of these crises and the crises he talked about are in the present or crises in the future or both? So in order to explore that, he looks at different potential sources of crises in Canadian political economy (p.1). One of the first thing he mentioned is constitutional reform issues, which has to do with nature of control Canadian constitution and back to colonial issues. However as professor Marc Weinstein discussed, colonial issue has a reflection upon Canadian constitutional and from historical point wasn’t repatriated until 1980s.the content of it is not only ability to adapt and control of constitution but also reform it, which concerns formal and legal process. However, one source of potential crises obviously is constitutional reform and it is connected to the issue of aboriginal rights in order to how to treat them and, how aboriginal
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