To What Extent Is the Conservative Party Still Committed to Its Traditional Principles?

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TO WHAT EXTENT IS THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY STILL COMMITTED TO ITS TRADITIONAL PRINCIPLES? Since 1979 the conservative party has undergone significant changes from the traditional conservative party which focused on ideas about human nature, order and pragmatism, first with new right conservatism under Thatcher then with the current conservative party. The current conservative party however, can be seen to still be committed to its traditional conservative principles such as Euro-scepticism and that they remain largely traditionalist. However there are many ways in which the conservative party has changed such as taxation, education and the welfare state. One way the conservative party has changed is through taxation. Traditionally, the…show more content…
Another way the party has deviated from traditional conservative principles is through education. In contrast with the traditional elitist view on education by the conservatives, under Cameron there has been a strong emphasis on the idea that everybody should be able to go to university if their ability allows them too, supporting labours policies on scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds and also attempting to establish more apprenticeship jobs and work experience jobs to encourage young people who perhaps wouldn't go to university to learn skills that would provide a better future for them. However, the fact remains that the vast majority of Cameron's conservatives graduated from private schools which does make the overview of the party seem very elitist but, its policies and support for scholarship programmes seem to challenge this idea and show that perhaps the conservative party has changed from that traditional view. Another thing that shows that the conservative party has stuck to its traditional principles is the fact that the party is still very traditionalist. The conservative party has always been very traditionalist in its views and in many ways it still is today, little or no comment is made on social issues such as gay adoption, the party

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