To What Extent Should Freedom Be Restricted

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Most people want to be healthy, at the same time, they want to have as much freedom as possible. Everyone wants to have everything with no restrictions applied; however, sometimes it is necessary to input some restrictions to protect the health of others.Some people believe freedom is the most valuable thing while others believe that as long as it is for the best of most people; freedom should be restricted, I believe having the option to choose between both is a freedom and people should not want to endanger other’s health just for more freedom. First of all, some people believe society should aim to achieve the best for the most people even though it might result in restrictions of freedom. For example, areas where smoking is prohibited are taking away the freedom of some individuals; however, it is protecting other individual’s health. This restriction should not affect people dramatically because they can still smoke in areas where it is allowed and by accepting the restrictions they are protecting public health. Also, car emissions are regulated in some areas to reduce pollution and its health risk to others. This limits people’s freedom to drive the vehicles they want, but again, it is only in certain areas and it is a small price to pay in order to have the best for the most…show more content…
Since we are given a lot of freedom in our society, is it hard to accept restrictions even though they are implied to protect other people. People are accustomed to being free and doing whatever they want so when restrictions are applied they do think it is fair under any circumstances. For example, if individuals are addictive smokers and smoke wherever they go, but come across a non smoking area they will have difficulties accepting the fact that they do not have the freedom to do what they want. Not even avoiding health risks are an excuse sufficient enough to take away the freedom of these
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