To What Extent Should Organ Donation Be Made Compulsory In Australia

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Should organ donation be made compulsory in Australia?
Organ donation should not be made compulsory in Australia because it is a personal choice dependent upon a person’s cultural, religious and social views. Compulsory organ donation would undermine the diversity of Australian society which is based upon the acceptance of those differing beliefs.

Organ transplantation is a surgical procedure to replace a failing, diseased organ with a healthier donor organ, such as a heart, liver, kidney, or lung (Organ transplant, 2015). As seen in figure 1. The organs could have failed because of an illness or injury and is replaced with either a living donor or deceased donor it depends on what is needed. The organs that can be successfully transplanted are the
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It enables those organs to be donated to individuals requiring them in as efficient manner as possible. The benefits and advantages would be that there would be a significantly greater number of organs available to be transplanted. The process of obtaining organs would also be less complex. The drawbacks and disadvantages are it is a significant intrusion on a persons human rights, it may cause cultural issues in social groups who do not accept that organ transplants are appropriate. No it shouldn’t be compulsory because every person has the right to control their own body. Compulsory organ donation would be contrary to some social group’s fundamental beliefs. It would cause them great distress. Many would have the view that it is not for governments to decide how an individual chooses to be treated upon their death.

Organ donation should not be compulsory in Australia because organ donation is an important choice that an individual depending upon their cultural and religious beliefs. It should remain a personal choice and governments should not impose compulsory donations of organs which would undermine a person’s free
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