To What Extent Should Teenagers Get Their License Essay

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Because of safety concerns, many states have increased the age at which teenagers can begin to drive. Yet, many teens need to have a license in order to go to work, due to their guardian having jobs as well. Also, teenagers can be taught discipline and responsibility when they learn to drive. As well, it is quite convenient to have a car so you can do errands for your guardian while they are sick and can’t leave home or if the parents at work. I believe that teenagers should have their license at sixteen because it gets them to work, can teach teenagers responsibility, and can be quite convenient for the guardian(s).

First of all, teenagers at the age of sixteen usually have jobs and their guardian(s) are usually at work themselves.
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Some teens look forward to getting their license so they can be treated more like adult and are given responsibility to help them mature themselves. Driving can also teach teenagers to strengthen their attention span. Also, driving can teach teens to take more care of the things that they need to in order to be able to drive such as gas, oil, if they need to rotate their tires, if they need to change their tires, and to see if they need to add brake fluid. Driving can teach young adults to take control and learn…show more content…
Many teens need to have a license to get their guardian to places if the guardian can’t drive themselves. Many teens find themselves needing to go somewhere for an event at school and their guardian cannot get them there. Also, a young adult may need a ride to a friends house to do a major project that is important to the grade of the teen. As well the teen might need to pick up the guardian and take them to an important
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