To What Extent Today is the Terrorism Challenge Unique?

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To What Extent Today is the Terrorism Challenge Unique Literature Review This literature review looks at the question of terrorism from a top-down standpoint. In the three sections the act of terrorism itself is discussed, then who the leading terrorist organizations are and have been, and finally what significant events have taken place. The final issue is whether terrorism is, to some extent, a means, eventually, to a more positive form of change. Terrorism Researchers agree that terrorism is not an easy term to define. Variable meanings occur due the intent of the group bringing the terror and the reason that the terrorism is being conducted (Cook, 2003). It is important to try and determine the motive for an action, but it is equally necessary to examine both sides of an issue. The researcher will not be able to adequately define the term unless there is an attempt to recognize that every issue has two sides. This can easily be seen from the television coverage that followed the attacks on the US on September 11, 2001. In the United States and the rest of the Western world, there was mourning for the people who lost their lives; while in many Middle Eastern countries, people poured onto the streets in visible celebration (Silverman, 2002). Many recognized the difference in reaction to what many consider the largest successful act of terrorism in world history. Many different agents of terrorism see their participation in destructive and deadly acts as

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