To What Extent Unethical Marketing Technique Could Damage the Sustainable Business Enivironment

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To what extent unethical marketing techniques could damage the sustainable business environment. Discuss.
Marketing is like a double-edged sword, if it is adopted properly, it will give profits to a company; however, if it is used inadequately, it will give harm. It is undeniable that today’s business operations have more intense competition level against each other due to the advancement of technology that allows people to receive more information. Marketing plays the key role in making products being recognized by consumers. To get people’s attention, some massages about the product need to be sent to the target market. With the high level of competition, the unethical marketing issues arise in order to make their own firms gain more
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An unethical issue arises when an advertisement focuses on people who do not know about the information about the product, as well as its side effects, and the advertisement tries to misleading them. An example of unethical consumer sovereignty practice is the marketing of infant formula to those unknowledgeable mothers living in less developed nations during 1960s and 1970s. Those advertisements tried to promote the infant formula by sending out milk nurses, who were actually sales persons dressed up in nurse uniforms, to demonstrate the product and recommend those mothers to feed their babies with the infant formula. They misled the fact that breastfeeding is a better alternative choice. As the result of being uninformed mothers, higher numbers of sick and malnourished babies were reported due to the drop of breastfeeding and over blending the formula (Nwachukwu et al., 1997). Hence, it is unethical to market on unknowledgeable group of people as this kind of advertisement fails to reveal the true fact that the consumer should know.
Brand parody strategy is the act of using the certain physical trait from media, such as TV series, films, important events in society, book, in a humorous way. There are plenty of parodies in advertising nowadays. Unfortunately, there are limited numbers of researches studying further about a

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