To What Extent Was Dyatlov Responsible For Chernobyl

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Wouldn't it be nice to know who was responsible for chernobyl? Well here's who was Dyatlov was responsible for the disaster. He was a plant operator when the explosion happened. Dyatlov was tall and skinny but he looked older than 62 years old.You would never believe that Dyatlov was the creator of the reactor but he really was the one who made the reactor. The reactor was an experiment for the plant but since the reactor was a faulty reactor it was the reason why chernobyl exploded. Dyatlov said that he did everything right and that he was just getting blamed. Dyatlov was guilty and sent to prison for exploding chernobyl Dyatlov spent 10 years in prison for what he did. Dyatlov was a mean man he sent two teen workers to go pull the rods down manually when the explosion was about to happen but he didn't know that it was going to exploded. After the explosion Dyatlov found it hard to walk without a break every few steps. Workers running around trying to put out fires he decided to walk around the plant that was now exploded and could not believe his eyes on what had happened. If any of those workers knew that the reactor was going to blow up then they would have not worked there. It happened because of a faulty reactor. When the reactor was made it was not…show more content…
Have you ever Imagined the world ending When it exploded it was the worst nuclear disaster to happen ever. The results of chernobyl were not the best the radiations were airborne for 10 days. They drank cow's milk and if the cows ate the grass then the people that drank the milk would get cancer. The only way the people got cancer from cow's milk was if the cows had ate the radioactive grass. At the time 2 died right away and 28 the following week from cancer 19 died about a year later because of them drinking the milk that the cows ate the radioactive grass. The radiations detected by nearby countries. The nearby people had to move away
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