To What Extent Was Germany Responsible for the Outbreak of Ww1?

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To what extent was Germany responsible for the outbreak of WWI?

There is much debate about the degree of responsibility that should be given to Germany for the outbreak of war. One could argue that the outbreak of war was entirely Germany’s fault due to their aggression with the other Great Powers of Europe and the very presence of the Schlieffen Plan. One could also argue that Germany was merely protecting herself against aggression and the idea of encirclement. Or was it a misfired attempt at strengthening relationships with the Entente powers? Either way one can deduce that Germany had a significant role in the outbreak for war, but should not necessarily be held fully accountable.

Aggression already existed between the Entente
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Germany had always been afraid of their geographical situation. They were encircled by all their enemies and their one powerful ally was Austria-Hungary. Admiral Tirpitz justified the spending on the German navy by stating that. ‘For Germany, the most dangerous enemy…is England…which we most urgently require a navy.’ Tirptitz’s insisted that their arms spending was a defensive reaction to the aggression they had had with Britain and that despite what the other powers believed, these militaristic movements were of long term defensive means. Historically in the days leading up to the war, Germany did not instigate other nations to mobilize their troops; Serbia’s appeal to Russia triggered the Great Powers to mobilize. Once Russia had mobilized, the Kaiser sent an ultimatum, in defence of Austria, stating that if they did not back down, the German Empire would wage war on them. After Russia’s dismissal of the ultimatum Germany had no choice but to mobilize and execute the Schlieffen Plan, otherwise they would risk their relationship with Austria-Hungary and therefore risk full encirclement. Germany’s fear of encirclement incited them to become militaristic, however their quick advancement and involvement in crisis’s leading up to the war put them in a bad position for the outbreak of war and they were inadvertently
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