To What Extent Was Khruschev Successful in the Destalinisation Policy

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How successful was Khrushchev’s policy of destalinization

Destalinization was a political reform launched by Soviet Communist Party First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev at the 20th Party Congress, otherwise known as the secret speech. The main components of the reforms were changing or removing prominent institutions that had helped Stalin remain in power; the Stalinist political system, political party members that had supported him (beginning with the arrest and subsequent execution of political rival Lavrentiy Beria) and the removal of the Gulag labour camp system.
Khrushchev was desperate to present himself as a reformer, completely breaking away from the reliance of ‘fear into submission’ tactics of the Stalinist era, by presenting
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However, he received limited success in all areas due to the nature of Russia and the government at the time. He also introduced the Non-party Bloc to give the Soviet Union a more popular image. Khrushchev also created a more liberated party that could discuss what it wanted without fear of repercussions; for example, deliberations could be conducted in private. However, it has been argued that Khrushchev was less effective as a leader than Stalin and failed to successfully meet his objectives. Although seeking to build foreign relations, his efforts to denounce Stalin shattered the relationship with China and Eastern Europe; and tensions grew increasingly hostile between the USSR and the USA following the Cuban Missile crisis.
In conclusion, although Khrushchev made efforts to reform the Soviet Union through his policy of Stalinisation, it can be debated as to what extent he succeeded in his efforts. For example, although he made investments into agriculture, he was criticized for not focusing on seemingly more rewarding areas such as the military and space explorations. In terms of agriculture, although some improvement had been made, Khrushchev attempted to experiment with other grains such as maize, thus encountering a problem as many areas such as Kazakhstan had unsuitable soil. By 1963, the USSR had to import 20 million tonnes of grain from the USA and

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