To What Extent Was The More Successful Than Somerset Of Rule England During The Reign Of Edward Vi?

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To what extent was Northumberland more successful than Somerset in ruling England during the reign of Edward VI?

During the reign of Edward VI, Northumberland and Somerset attempted to rule England. They dealt with several issues, including foreign policy, finance, social and economic affairs, working as political operators and dealing with with rebellions. Northumberland proved to be successful in many of these aspects, particularly in social and economic affairs as well as finance. This is because he was able to effectively correct the faults Somerset had made such as introducing certain taxes and causing debt as well as debasement. This essay will talk about the extent of how successful Northumberland was in comparison to Somerset when it came to ruling England.

It could be argued that Northumberland was far more successful than Somerset in ruling England due to Somerset’s failure in foreign policy. For example, Somerset thought that Scotland was the centre of his interests. His aim was for the scots to surrender the Scottish daughter, their queen to marry Henry’s son. He tried implementing this through the treaty of Greenwich in order to unite England and Scotland, but failed to meet his aim. Although he did gain an achievement when the Scottish army were destroyed at the the Battle of Pinkie, his plans to wear down Scotland with forts and Garrisons failed. It was expensive because garrisons needed to be established in Southern Scotland. As well as this, the forts that…
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