To What Extent Was the United States of America Responsible for the Collapse of the Grand Alliance?

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To what extent was the United States of America responsible for the collapse of the Grand Alliance? A capitalist state, a Communist state and a colonial power all joined power during World War II and formed the Grand Alliance. The United Stated which was led by Franklin Roosevelt, the Soviet Union which was led by Joseph Stalin and Great Britain which was led by Winston Churchill united powers as they all shared one main objective. The three leaders were famously known as the big three, they all agreed on the common understanding that defeating Hitler was vital for national security and World peace. The Grand Alliance was the result of Adolf Hitler’s reign over Germany. His growing power, rising popularity and controlling authoritative…show more content…
This was thus a significant catalyst which further worsened relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. Although mistrust already existed between the two superpowers, the fear of the atomic bomb kept relations cold. This triggered the USSR into producing its own bomb as they felt threatened and as a result an arms race erupted. It could also be argued that the United States was the primarily reason of the collapse of the Grande Alliance as it was convinced that the main aim of the Soviets was to expand its sphere of influence ,spread communism and invade Europe with communist ideology. During that time, Europe was in a vulnerable situation as it was financially and economically unstable. Truman was therefore convinced that Stalin would therefore use the situation to his advantages. As a result of this fear, Truman introduced the Marshall plan. Truman believed that communism succeeded when people faced poverty and hardship and he therefore send his Secretary of State, George Marshall to assess the economic state of Europe. $17 billion of the United States’ money was giving for the re-construction of Europe. Stalin viewed the Marshall Aid with suspicion. He feared that the Marshall aid would weaken his hold over Eastern Europe. Furthermore Staling also believed that the USA was trying to dominate as

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