To What Extent Were Jews Assimilated Into Germany by 1930?

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To what extent were Jews assimilated into Germany by 1930? 24 marks
It would be extremely simplistic to state that all Jews were well assimilated in Germany by 1930 as the mere existence of segregation within the Jewish community within Germany serves as a representation that some were assimilated and some were not. We have the different ‘types’ of Jew such as: the German Jew, the Jewish German, the Ostjuden and the Polacks. These represent the Jewish chain in the German community and where they stood in terms of class, the German Jew as being very successful in the German culture and the Ostjuden and Polacks being at a very low class where they lived in slums and were not assimilated whatsoever. The barriers between the Jewish
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There are many other contributors such as Erich Mendelson- a trained scientist and an architect responsible for designing many of the shops in the Schocken chain of department stores across provincial Germany, Max Alsberg- established a very successful legal practise in Berlin and earned himself a reputation as a criminal lawyer, Fritz Lang- was the most famous exponent of expressionist art in which strongly influenced German Cinema, Dr Schacht- a very good financier whom became the president of the Reichsbank(German National bank) who also gained a huge reputation for being the man who saved Germany’s economy through the introduction of the new currency and Walther Rathenau who became one of the leading industrialists in Germany. All of these people, were Jewish and there are so many more of them: well assimilated and successful Jews.
The German Jews believed that assimilation was the future and only thought it would deepen and get better. Anti-Semitism was on the fringe of society and politics but some Jews remained reluctant to throw themselves into the German culture- they believed the good times would not last. They were not fuelled with this hope of everything being forgotten about Jews being ‘outsiders’ and ‘alien’ and that’s fair enough as some Jews were still until the 1930’s were being treated as
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