To What Extent is Naturis an Entrepreneurial Company?

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1) To what extent is Naturis an entrepreneurial company? In 1988 Naturis was found as a joint venture between F&P Riso Gallo, a well-known ialien producer of rise and Puccinelli, which its field of competence is in the production of dehydrated vegetables. Naturis was perceived as a research oriented entreprise which was exploring potential opportunities with regards to the dehydration process. Naturis was set up through corporate venturing which includes the creation of a new business. In order to acquire new insight and expertise in the field of the dehydration processes, entrepreneurial activities were launched through cooperative corporte venturing (Morris, Kuratko & Covin, 2008). After the sucessful joint venture, Naturis is now…show more content…
Naturis can be considered as an entrepreneurial company as it demonstrate innovativeness. The extent in which the company is doing things unique and differently is high. In the case of Naturis, the company has been able to make its product marketing highly innovative. By offering innovative distribition approaches and improved quality, Naturis strengthens its competitive advantage (Morris, Kuratko & Covin, 2008). Naturis has become the European market leader in its business area and has remained to be on the top by placing its main concern on R&D. Additonally, because of its flexibility in acting on the customer, the result is a continuously development of new ideas. Even though dehydrating rice is considered as not highly innovative, the company has managed to demonstrate innovativeness in their product marketing. In order to define the role of entrepreneurship within the organisation and to combine the frequency and degree of entrepreneurship, the concept of the entrepreneurial intensity can be applied. As the number of new uses for Naturis rice has been steadily increased and the company generates unique products, the enterprise represents a dynamic entrepreneurial context (Morris, Kuratko

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