To Whom It May Concern Analysis

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Brittany Mezzancella 40 Gables Way, NH 8 March 2017
The Editor
The New Hampshire
150 Dow Street
Manchester, NH 03101

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to inquire about an article that recently appeared in The New Hampshire Magazine. On February 28th, 2017 the article published focused on wolf extermination in Durham, NH.
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If wolves are so dangerous, how is it that the Native Americans were able to coexist with them? The simple answer is that they are not actually dangerous. Most humans have a false perception of wolves. They do not howl at a full moons or hunt people like they are depicted in movies and stories. According to Coleman, there is no record of a non-rabid wolf killing a human since the arrival of Europeans in North America (Coleman, 3). This animal essentially poses no more of a risk to humans than a squirrel or a rat. Wolves are afraid of humans, and therefore avoid them. Coleman reinforces this theory by quoting Thomas Morton from 1967, “They are fearefull curres and will runne away from a man (that meeth them by chance at a banke end) as fast as any fearefull dogge” (Coleman, 9). As early as 1967 it was realized that wolves were terrified of humans, ran away from, and avoided them at all…show more content…
. These creatures are not dangerous to humans, they are just animals who hunt other animals. This has become established knowledge, since it has been a never-ending goal to bring the wolves back and help them flourish as they did in the early nineteenth century (Coleman, 2004). I do think that instead of exterminating the wolf in Durham, we should find it, if it exists, and add a tracking device. It would be a huge stepping stone in the study of this animal. This could enhance our knowledge on the species and may even help us form an idea on how to successfully repopulate the states with the species. Instead of the dark and biased article against the big bad wolf, this piece should take its place. The negative feelings addressed in the article need to be replaced with positive feelings because this would be a huge accomplishment for us if it was in fact a wolf that was sited. It would mean all of our past acts, research, and hard work is finally starting to pay off. Wolves would finally start coming back to the areas where they never should have disappeared
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